Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Let Finetech help you bring your product to the next level with Google Cloud Platform.

With Google Cloud Platform, you can store, manipulate and analyze your very large data sets easily and rapidly and build your applications on the same world­class infrastructure that is used and trusted by over 4 million applications.

Continuous access to new features and improvements to current features make you work effectively.


Deploy of and infrastructure protected by more than 500 top Google experts in information, application, and network security.


Only pay for what you use and you never run out of capacity, as your company grows, so can your cloud.

Cost Effective

Not only can you reduce your capital expenditures on hardware and software, you can reduce your operating expences on maintenance and security.

Google App Engine

Enable you to build and run website, mobile applications, mobile and gaming backends, Web and marketing campaigns and much more, and not worry about building stacks of hardware to run your code or adding hardware when your application needs more.

Google Compute Engine

Enables your customers to easily create computer­servers, data storage, and networking in Google’s cloud. Google Compute Engine enables you to create virtual machines (VMs), which can be linked together to create very powerful clusters of machines which are very fast and offer consistent performance.